Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Orlando Resort Television Commercial (1999)

[cinematic music]>>Narrator: At Universal, we make movies and then bring them to life. We created a T-rex and then we made him real. We invented a time machine then travelled back in time. The Grinch Stole Christmas, then we brought it back. We discovered a mummy, then took you into his tomb. Visit Universal theme parks around the […]

The Tonight Show: At Home Edition (Face Mask the Nation, What Are You Doing Wednesdays)

-Hey, everybody. Welcome to “Tonight Show: At Home Edition.” It’s me, Jimmy Fallon saying hello and thank you so much for watching on a Wednesday night. The week is halfway over, it’s basically Thursday. So, you know, good job, everybody. Way to stay home. Way to wear masks. We’re doing the right thing, we’re flattening that curve. Come […]

‘You Are Not Defined By That 15-Second Comment To A Media Outlet,’ Dr. Phil Tells 21-Year-Old

At this point, you’re looking forward, you’re trying to decide how do I get all of this behind me, how do I shut off all of the hate, what are you looking to do? Right, it’s hurtful to think that millions of people have this false perception of me. It’s hurtful to think that there’s so called friends […]

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