Weirdest interview ever: Bad Grandpa makes reporter feel awkward as they talk sex and tequila

They’re rolling. This is Poppy from ITN. -Oh, hey. -Oh my goodness. -Hey. -Hello to you. Oh, it’s such a pleasure to meet you. Wow, look at that. You could turn a toothpick into a telephone pole. Any possibility? Any chance? Um so um… The film’s been a huge success. I’ll take that as a maybe. And uh… […]

Crime Reporter: Man Had Sex With Wife Thousands Of Times Before Killing Her

John and Mary Elgis seem like a match made in heaven. But appearances can be deceiving. The tall, handsome husband to whom Mary swore, “‘Til death do us part,” would murder her. But not before having sex with her body more than 1000 times over ten years. Officials said it was a crime of passion, related to the […]

‘It’s All Your Fault’ Ep. 13 Preview | Power: The Final Episodes | STARZ

Sorry to come unannounced. Where the fuck is Benny? I don’t know anyone named Tommy. You think people in the hood don’t talk? The truth was a lot more complicated than I thought. He ruined all of our lives. He’s a fucking liar. You lied to yourself. I got some custom-made handcuffs for you.

Power: The Final Episodes | NBA Player Theories | STARZ

No matter what, nothing can stop me. I can’t believe somebody shot Ghost. Just seems like Ghost is untouchable. I’m a little shocked that somebody got to him. When somebody got seven people after them, you know he did something wrong. Tasha, Tariq, Dre, Tate, Paz, Saxe, Tommy. It could be anyone. ♪ They say this is a […]

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