KOREAN STREET FOOD – Gwangjang Market Street Food Tour in Seoul South Korea | BEST Spicy Korean Food

ما الأمر وارحب يا رفاق نحن لوقا وسابرينا مع عيدان تناول الطعام السفر الهدوء واليوم نحن في سوق guangzhong الأسطوري هنا في سيول كوريا الجنوبية. لنذهب إذن هذه هي المرة الأولى لدينا هنا في كوريا الجنوبية وقد وصلنا متأخرين للغاية الليلة الماضية ولم نحصل على فرصة لتناول الطعام ولكن سمعنا أن هذا هو المكان في سيول هوانج جيونجشيك […]

A Korean Street Food Crawl at the Legendary Gwangjang Market — K-Town

– We are here in Korea. We're in Seoul, Korea. I've wanted to come here sinceI started doing the show. We are ready to go to what I think is my favorite place to eat. The single best placefor Korean street food, in all of Seoul. Gwangjang Markets to me isone of the most intense, hectic and really […]

N. Korean media calls Kim-Trump handshake "historic meeting" and…

North Korea's state media meanwhile hasreported on the historic handshake between Kim jong-un and Donald Trumpcalling it an amazing event and a breakthrough indeed to Claire's Asianefforts the Korean Central News Agency on Monday highlighted the friendlyexchange quoting Kim as saying their ties would continue producing quoteunquote good and unpredictable results degen C said the leaders discussed theeasing […]


eighty minutes or so with a working luncheon telethon Union President Trump and the US representatives are here in South Korea I once again welcome you all to South Korea and thank you all president Trump and I since ever since we were inaugurated as president the alliance between the two countries have been intensified we have made […]

Street Food Tour of LARGEST TRADITIONAL Market in Korea: Namdaemun Market

this makes market I am s is the oldest and largest traditional market in all of Korea having been around for over 600 years the number mu market is a behemoth with thousands of stores stretched out across dozens of multi-story building and when you walk in you have literally entered elaborate but don't worry this place has […]

Various events taking place to mark 69th anniversary of the Korean war

many brave soldiers died fighting for freedom and peace during the Korean War to remember the fallen heroes various events took place across the country Amin son was at the National Cemetery she follows us this report hundreds of rice bowls were laid out to mark the 69th anniversary of the start of the Korean War on Tuesday […]

Inside SM Entertainment, Restaurant, Cafe, Market + SM Practice Rooms | Korea Vlog #9

good morning everyone today I am starting off my day in Tom them in the SM Entertainment restaurant and and in reserve this table for us it's so pretty a cheeseburger yes while we wait for our food we're going into the pink room what is the pink cornflour celebrity celebrity there communicate with the video yeah this […]

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