‘Meteorology & Media’ class talk about how to communicate the weather

All that red is positive vorticity – that means the air is lifting and it’s active. Oh God, did you guys see we had tornado warnings yesterday in western Washington? I’m meteorologist Shannon O’Donnell. I work at KOMO television. I do the evening weather there. We have a winter storm watch. It is just frozen solid out there. […]

News Wrap: China’s viral pneumonia spreads to the U.S.

JUDY WOODRUFF: In the day’s other news: An outbreak of viral pneumonia in China spread to the United States. Federal health officials confirmed a Seattle area man brought the virus back from Central China. He is now hospitalized in good condition. Washington State Governor Jay Inslee urged the public not to overreact. GOV. JAY INSLEE (D-WA): There isn’t […]