The DOTA 2 Reporter Ep. 55: Cash for Wards

CM: Ice is nice! TIDEHUNTER: You can’t hide from the tide! TERRORBLADE: Please tell me you have your blink dagger now. TIDEHUNTER: Nooope. This is cosmetic! TERRORBLADE: Alright… well… I’ll be rage pushing the top lane if anyone needs me. CM: This’ll come in handy. JUGGERNAUT: Look! I put a mask on my mask. HAHA. Aaah…. mmm… Stylin’! […]

The DOTA 2 Reporter Ep. 54: Deep Trouble

ANNOUNCER: Radiant structures are fortified. ENIGMA: You are only delaying the inevitable! TIMBERSAW: Should we buy back? RUBICK: Maybe… KUNKKA: But I’ll lose so much gold! RUBICK: But WE would lose our middle barracks! KUNKKA: Yes, but… gOOOOOLD I need it for my Lothar’s Edge! TIMBERSAW: Your what? KUNKKA: It’s a Dota 1 thing, you wouldn’t understand. RUBICK: […]

Stranger Things 3 Cast Charlie Heaton & Natalia Dyer Break Down a Scene | Shot by Shot | Netflix

– Hi, I’m Natalia Dyer. – Hi, I’m Charlie Heaton. – And we’re gonna break down a scene shot-by-shot from – From. – Stranger Things Season 3. – Where is she? – I don’t know. – Are you sure this is the right room? (lights zapping) – Yeah. (tense music) – She’s gone home. We were hoping it […]

What Stephen Miller Was Like in High School – Charles Gould

– Um, I grew up in Santa Monica, California. – [audience light cheers] – Just one? [laughs] I grew up in Santa Monica, California, which is getting a lot of press now, because Stephen– I went to high school with Stephen Miller. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yes. If you guys don’t know who Stephen Miller– do we know who […]

Breaking Down Major Fan Theories About The End of Stranger Things 3

– [Narrator] All right then Stranger Things fans, if you’re watching this then we’re assuming you’ve had time to catch all of Stranger Things 3. Well if you haven’t, don’t know what you’re doing watching a video about season three theories because, fair warning, there are a lot of spoilers to come. (banging) (intense music) – [Dustin] Copy. […]

Stranger Things’ Sadie Sink Gives Break Up Advice | Extremely Relatable | Netflix

– Wait, is this for real? Is this true? That’s terrible. Hey, it’s Sadie Sink. So in Season Three Max seems to be breaking up with Lucas every five seconds. Did you seriously just drink the rest of our water? So I thought it’d be fun to read some tweets about your Middle School breakups. (pop upbeat music) […]