The DOTA 2 Reporter Ep. 45: The Turnaround

CM: Missing top! TERRORBLADE: Ugh, he’s not missing. He’s just left our vision for a brief moment! See? Not missing. CM: Missing top! TERRORBLADE No no no no no! Not listening! Lalalalala! ENIGMA: Winter Sorceress! We need to teleport bottom and help out sea monster guy. Use your teleport scroll that I’m sure you totally have, right? Ugh, […]

The DOTA 2 Reporter Ep. 58: Gank Squad

TERRORBLADE: And now for my next trick, the ranged barracks shall disappear! RUBICK: What was the first trick? TERRORBLADE: This! REFLECTION: I am the grrrandest magus! RUBICK: Noooooo! Look! Enigma is using Black Hole! Don’t you wnat to go steal it? REFLECTION: RrRr? Where!? RUBICK: That way! …Oh. It worked. Hmmm… Which Terrorblade is the real Terrorblade? TIMBERSAW: […]