‘Westworld’ Star Tessa Thompson Teases Season 3 & The World Beyond The Park | In Studio

(energetic percussion music) – Hi, Tessa! – Hi! – Bringing yourself back online for “Westworld”? – (laughs) Yeah. (Josh imitates android beep) (Tessa laughs) – That’s how it goes, I think it’s like that, a quick little whirl. – Yeah. – How excited are you for people to see season three, because I think that there’s a lot […]

‘Westworld’ Season 3 Episode 1 Breakdown | In Studio

– You’ve been watching me? – [Dolores] Not me, but someone. Something. – It’s a crazy, otherworldly kinda show but it feels like it’s our reality. – Hey, everybody. What’s going on? Josh Wigler with The Hollywood Reporter here with my breakdown of Westworld season three, episode one. That was a lot. Whole new world that we are […]

The DOTA 2 Reporter Ep. 46: Night Terror

TIMBERSAW: Good thing I’m here. ANNOUNCER: Radiant structures are fortified. TERRORBLADE: No! Die die die! ANNOUNCER: Radiant’s top tower has been denied. RUBICK: Yes! My attack was the final blow that brought down my own building! …which is good in this game. Huzzah! TERRORBLADE: Curse you, Rubick. You will rue the day you crossed the might Terror- Uh.. […]

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