Are Google and Facebook heading for break-up? | Tech Wash

For Facebook and Google, the threat of breakup has become a lot more real over the last couple of weeks. First up, we had to Letitia James, the state attorney general for New York, saying that she was leading a group of eight other state AGs in an investigation into whether Facebook has been exploiting its market dominance. […]

Find Newspaper Articles with America’s Newspapers

Hi this is Jessica Hagman with the Ohio University Libraries and in this video I’m going to show you how to find newspaper articles with the Americas Newspapers Database. To get to America’s Newspapers, you want to start on the Library’s homepage and then click on the link for “Databases” and do a search for America’s Newspapers. From […]

The Guardian and The Observer: Proquest Historical Newspapers

ProQuest Historical Newspapers: The Guardian and The Observer is a database you can use to find newspaper articles, reviews, advertisements, images and much more, published in the Guardian and Observer newspapers between 1791 and 2003. Originally, a regional Manchester-based newspaper, the Guardian is especially useful for researching local history topics. The Guardian archive offers a variety of search […]

Finding Newspaper Articles Using the ANZ Newsstand Database

this video covers finding newspaper articles using the ANZ Newsstand database the default search field is anywhere except full text tick the full text box to limit results to full text documents only the default date range is all dates type your search terms into the search boxes leave AND in between search boxes in order to combine […]

Run a faceted search | OpenText Media Management 16.3

You can perform a faceted search in Media Management using Filters. Here’s how. Run a search or a saved search. Navigate to Filters on the sidebar. Using a facet value, you can refine the search. Let’s click sky_sun. The filtered results automatically appear after you’ve clicked a facet. To refine this search further, let’s click Grey. To remove […]

Finding Newspaper Articles (GEOG101)

The purpose of this video tutorial is to help you find newspaper articles through the SUNY Morrisville Library website for your GEOG 101 class. From the library homepage, your search process begins with the OneSearch tool. Our search requires more than one keyword, so we want to use the “Advanced Search” option. You can find the “Advanced Search” […]

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