Pro Israel comment on German public television on the Gaza Flotilla crisis. (English subtitles).

And now also a comment on the Israeli military operation against the Gaza-bound convoy, by Reinhard Borgmann from Berlin-Brandenburg Broadcasting. They knew exactly what they were doing. The self-proclaimed peace-activists wanted to run the blockade. They wanted to provoke the Israeli army. They wanted to, in a large-scale propaganda campaign, grand relief-goods to the Palestinians by ship, which […]

How to use VHF marine radioβ€”tips from Hook, Line and Sinker

Marine VHF Radio tips brought to you by the Australian Communications and Media Authority Now if you do have a Marine VHF Radio fitted to your boat. It is important, critically important Andrew that you know how to use it correctly. That is exactly right Nick so if you are new to the world of VHF Marine Radios […]

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