Media bias: How do outlets cover school choice research? | IN 60 SECONDS

A common complaint among school voucher and charter school advocates is that media coverage of school choice research is biased. Do they have a point? Two colleagues and I examined this by identifying five pairs of nearly identical studies. Each pair measured the same outcomes and used the same methodology. The only difference in each case was the […]

Binbagged | The Break

This programme contains strong language My name’s Chloe and I’m an absolute fucking nightmare. GLASS SMASHES CAR ALARM BLARES CLOCK TICKS So, people would go like, “Who’s that mad-looking wee doll with the bin bag?” “Oh, that’s Chloe – fucking nightmare, so she is.” Mrs Baird looks raging about the whole car/brick thing, but she’s secretly delighted, I […]

Breaking Down Your Group Of Friends At School | Ladhood now on iPlayer

BELL RINGS It was the final day of the school year and we were all in the mood for some classically formative experiences. This was my gang. In order of coolness, by which I mean the average number of cigarettes we each smoked per day, there was Adnan Masood, AKA Addy… ..Ralph Roberts… ..and Tom “Craggy” Cragg. And […]

How digital media and big data are redefining democracy: Clifton Van Der Linden at TEDxUofT

[MUSIC PLAYING] How many people in the room voted in the last Federal Election? [LAUGHING] All right. So that’s a good number. I’d say about a third of you . So it depends– there’s a selection bias in the room, to an extent. The time people who would come out to a “Ted Talk” in the middle of […]

Radiography and the Role of Social Media by Your X-Ray Tech™ and Rad-Cast (CE PODCAST)

on today’s episode of Rad-Cast we have radiographer Jason Hernandez who is from South Texas and hosts his own site called Your X-Ray Tech™ so thank you Jason for being here with us today and why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself Give us a little bit of background how did you get into radiography? […]

Chrisman Media Podcast for December 20, 2019

Hello I’m Jordan Twenter. And I’m Jorge Cerritos. As we wrap things up for break, at Chrisman Media this is our final podcast of the semester. This week will talk about the basketball tournament and deals for the holiday season. (music/open) Two weeks ago Chrisman beat Truman with a buzzer beater we can simply not get over. (natural […]

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