How to Avoid Social Media Scams | AARP Live | RFD-TV

Be careful what you post and where you click when using social media. Your identity might be at risk. Here are five things you can do to protect your online ID. Check and regularly update your privacy settings on your social media accounts. Use a different password for each of your accounts and set up a two-factor authentication. […]

Dice Media | Ban Ban

Are you crazy, dude? Do you realize the impact if Greece defaults? The loan amount is a whopping 323 BILLION DOLLARS! 323 billion! If Greece gets f****d the Eurozone gets f****d. And if the Eurozone gets f****d then the whole economy is screwed. Get your facts right. Dude, calm down. It’s Greece. Not America. So? India’s foreign exchange […]

Fake News, Mob Lynchings Aur Vikas | Stand-up Comedy by Punit Pania

Have you guys heard that India… is an emerging economy? I have been hearing it since school Now I know that foreplay… is important but how much? How much can one emerge? before actually coming. There is progress in the country but there are no priorities If you give people 4G connections before you give them primary education […]

Oil change scams: Hidden camera investigation on what really happens to your car (CBC Marketplace)

(♪♪) >>Tom: This week on “Marketplace.” >>Oh, boy, came in for a $20 oil change. >>You’re about to see a fast lube franchise pull a fast one. >>If you can, try and get your transmission fluid changed. >>Is it necessary? >>No, I just did a transmission service. >>Tom: That’s what I thought. We go up on the hoist […]

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