Coronavirus Scare, Saudi Arabia’s Jeff Bezos Hack & Pete Buttigieg’s Awkward Moment | The Daily Show

If you’re a fan of the first ten minutes of those movies where everyone in the world dies, well, then, you’re gonna love this next clip. Federal health officials on high alert as a new virus emerges out of China. Over the weekend, the number of people infected more than tripled. NEWSWOMAN: The deadly coronavirus makes its way […]

The Risks of Aramco’s Record-Setting IPO, Explained | WSJ

– [Narrator] So, you’re an investor, you’re looking for places to put your money, and you keep hearing about what could be the biggest IPO of all time. Saudi Aramco. – [Man] The world’s biggest share offering. – [Woman] The biggest IPO in history. – [Narrator] To be clear, the share sale is happening on the local stock […]

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