BREAKING! Putin: Russia Ready to Extend New START Treaty With US Without Any Preconditions

Good afternoon, colleagues, Today is our final meeting in this December series of meetings with the leadership of the Defence Ministry and other departments, as well as defence industry enterprises. We have considered the key targets for the development of the Russian Navy. We discussed with the heads of the defence industry enterprises their progress on the state […]

BREAKING! Russia Launches Strategic ICBM Topol

At the Kapustin Yar training ground, in the Astrakhan Region, Russian military test-launched Topol intercontinental ballistic missile. The missile successfully hit the target located at the Sary-Shagan training ground in Kazakhstan, Russian Ministry of Defense reports about it. RT-2PM Topol is one of the main intercontinental ballistic missiles of the Russian Strategic Missile Forces. Its flight range reaches […]

BREAKING! Putin Opens The Unprecedented Russian Highway “Neva” Connecting Moscow And St. Petersburg

We go to St. Petersburg where Vladimir Putin has opened the M-11 toll road between Moscow and St. Petersburg. The total length of the highway is 669 kilometers from Moscow to the Ring Road of St. Petersburg. This distance can be covered by car in five and a half hours now without going over the speed limit. Live […]

BREAKING! Putin: Shale Oil Technologies Are ‘Barbaric’! People Get Black Slurry Instead Of Tap Water

Hi, my name is Nick Tjandramaga; I work for Total, the French energy company. Russia has become a major decider in the oil price, a swing producer as important as OPEC. Oil price remains very important for Russia. Russia also sits on, technically, as big shelf reserves as the US. Now if you… economically, probably not feasible to […]

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