News Wrap: Appeals court rules DOJ must share Mueller grand jury material

JUDY WOODRUFF: In the day’s other news: Six more states are having their say in the Democratic presidential race, with 352 delegates at stake in today’s voting. Former Vice President Joe Biden and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders faced off in Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota, and Washington state. We will take a closer look at all this […]

ALERT! Dossier LINKER Reporter Deep Connections With F… – Mueller Is Crumbling!

REPORT: Dossier LINKER Reporter Deep Connections With FBI! – Mueller Is Crumbling! These days we are witnessing more and more false claims and blatant lies by the FBI against President Trump. This kind of behavior has brought the FBI to its knees and was the base of huge official shifts in the organization. And now, after everything they’ve […]

Gohmert: Let’s have Roger Stone’s trial after Hillary Clinton’s

joining me right now is Texas Republican congressman and House Judiciary member Louie Gohmert congressman Gohmert good to see you again it’s always good to see you Thank You Trish um what should take on this I mean you know you look at Obama’s record and you look at how many times he interfered I didn’t see you […]

News Wrap: New novel coronavirus infections declining, WHO says

In the day’s other news: The World Health Organization is voicing hope that the coronavirus outbreak in China may be slowing. As of tonight, China has reported 44,600 cases and some 1.100 deaths. But new infections are declining, as Beijing enforces sweeping public health measures. And WHO officials say the situation elsewhere is more promising. MICHAEL J. RYAN, […]

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