Disneyland Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin Television Commercial (1994)

>>ROGER RABBIT: A perfect day in Toontown… hey!>>ANNOUNCER: Something new at Disneyland>>ROGER RABBIT: Baby.>>BABY: Hop in Roger>>ANNOUNCER: And it’s out of control moving, spinning, swivering, sliding and it never stops. Well, almost never. It’s the Roger Rabbit Car Toon Spin in Mickey’s Toontown. Your in control, your out of control, but can you escape the dreaded Dip? Head […]

Disneyland Paris The Little Duck Television Commercial (2018)

(duck chirping) (duck chirping) [music] (duck chirping)>>Singer: To dream the impossible dream to fight the unbeatable fall too bad with unbearable sorrow to run where the brave town of God to write the un writable wrong from choice from the two with your arm such a weary to reach the unreachable star this is Mike you you

Men in Black: Alien Attack Television Commercial Universal Orlando Resort (2000)

>>ANNOUNCER: Universal Studios makes you the star of your favorite movies. Like in the spectacular new Men in Black: Alien Attack ride. Only you determine the outcome, as you join the Men in Black and save the earth from aliens. [sfx: growl] If you haven’t experienced the all-new Men in Black: Alien Attack ride at Universal Studios, you […]

Goliath POV Six Flags Great America 2014 Wooden Roller Coaster Front Seat On-Ride HD 1080p

Goliath has a really innovative track design it's called a topper track and so it is stacks of wood but it allows the train to get up to really fast speeds up to 72 miles an hour which is what lets us do all these crazy elements the overbank turns and the inversions that's what makes Goliath just […]