EXCLUSIVE: Grand Theft Auto VI Location Details! – Game News

Welcome to The know! I’m Ashley! And I’m Gus! GTA5 came up 2013 we’re actually coming up on the five-year marks, so… Happy birthday! You think we would be hearing about gta6 sooner, right I mean. You know not Red Dead Redemption 2 soon cuz I gotta get that out the door But so far there have been […]

$535 Plasti Dip vs. $3,000 Vinyl Wrap | HiLow

– [Man] Oh no! (muffled) – This is the worst thing I’ve ever done. – $3000 professionally installed vinyl wrap. – Versus $535 do-it-yourself Plasti Dip. – Is more expensive more better? – Let’s find out! (car being transformed) (upbeat music) (tires screeching) We bought two nearly identical Nissan 350Zs, and we’ve been modifying them to be fun, […]

CADILLAC CTS-V – Everything You Need to Know | Up to Speed

(car wheels screaching) – Let me ask you a question ’cause you’re smart and I respect your opinion. How did a dusty or grampappy car brand make one of the sickest burnout machines of all time? And in the process, completely redeem themselves. It came as a sedan, came as a coupe. Turn down your friggen hearing aids […]

Rode Reporter Overview

Fuzion News proudly presents Rode Reporter Sawasdee! I’m Eak, Fuzion. I’m Day, Fuzion. Today we’re in Fuzion News Studio Excuse me, could I ask you a few questions, please? Oh yes yes. Give me a second. Okay! Ask me! What do you think about our Fuzion channel, sir? Fuzion channel? I know. I know. I’ve heard about it. […]

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