CAREERS IN BA MASS COMMUNICATION – MA,P.hD,Writer,Reporter,Editor,Job Opportunities,Salary Package

Hi guys..This is Pooja from Welcome to our video channel on jobs and careers Today I will be talking about the career opportunities in Careers in B.A Mass Communication B.A. in Mass Communication is an undergraduate program that teaches students with unique methods of conveying and presenting information in verbal as well as written form. Information is […]

What is radio astronomy?

(Narrator) Astronomy means studying how stars, planets and galaxies work. It’s not astrology, that’s horoscopes and trying to predict the future. The science of astronomy started with just our eyes. Then we used telescopes with glass lenses. And then we learnt how to catch starlight with giant mirrors. We make pictures with the light or analyse it to […]

RC-Reporter® – Inspire Action (2019)

– [Narrator] We live in a data obsessed world. From the start of our day to when we go home, data drives everything. And yet, data is meaningless. Numbers, KPIs, trend graphs changing minute by minute relentlessly growing bigger. But ultimately, data has no value on its own. Data needs context. Context leads to understanding, Understanding leads to […]

Fantastic Statistics and How to Use Them: Data for School Newspaper Reporting

and we’ll get started with the good stuff about this session you’re in for a real treat [Tasha] All right hello, this is Tasha Bergson-Michelson. I am, as Kristen kindly said, the instructional and programming librarian at Castilleja School. It’s a sixth through twelfth grade secular all-girls independent school in California… and so I focus heavily on research […]

Importance of Newspapers for family research

– [Geoff] Hello and welcome to the MyHeritage Webinar Series. I’m Geoff Rasmussen, your host, live in webinar headquarters in Middleton, Idaho. Today we have Daniel Horowitz with us who is live in Tel Aviv, Israel for his class, Importance of Newspapers for Family Research. Thanks to Daniel and thanks to the more than 2,100 of you from […]

NC Newspaper Locator – Quick Research Tips!

Newspapers are important resources for genealogy and history researchers. Unfortunately, not all issues of all newspapers printed in North Carolina throughout history have survived. North Carolina Newspaper Locator will help you narrow your search to newspapers held at the State Library of North Carolina’s Government & Heritage Library that have been microfilmed for different towns and years across […]

Altering the Immune System to Reverse Paralysis in Mice – Headline Science

In the ultimate betrayal, one’s own immune system can turn against the protective sheath that envelops neurons in the brain, leaving the body paralyzed. Researchers have developed an experimental treatment that tames the wayward immune system in rodents, returning the power of movement to paralyzed mice. The approach may someday combat autoimmune diseases, such as multiple sclerosis and […]

How Do I Find Historical Newspaper Databases?

Hi, my name is Alex and in this tutorial I’m going to show you how to find historical newspapers on The University of Alabama Libraries website Specifically I’ll show you how to find historical newspaper databases. A newspaper database allows you to search a collection of individual newspapers all at once. Usually these databases are organized by time […]

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