Behind the Headlines – October 25, 2019

– Production funding for “Behind the Headlines” is made possible in part by the WKNO Production Fund, the WKNO Endowment Fund, and by viewers like you, thank you. – City Council on restoring the benefits, the residency requirement, and much more tonight on “Behind the Headlines.” [upbeat music] I’m Eric Barnes with The Daily Memphian, thanks for joining […]

Behind the Headlines – October 11, 2019

– (female announcer) Production funding for Behind the Headlines is made possible in part by: The WKNO Production Fund, The WKNO Endowment Fund, and by viewers like you. Thank you. – Members of the County Commission on the Sales Tax Referendum, county spending, and much more, tonight, on Behind the Headlines. [dramatic orchestral music] – I’m Eric Barnes […]

Greece Newspaper Headlines – Hellinikon Athens Airport Development

Greece Newspapers Headlines Greece, Athens City, Elliniko Suburb Greece Newspapers in English Privatization Tender Business proposal Project Helliniko Athens Airport Development Airport terminal old Olympic arena complex terminal Development Project “Ellinon Politeia” The HDB-AG submitted Tender is not being listened to by the EU, IMF and German Chancellor by HDB-AG German Financial Asset Management company in co-operation with […]