New Agent Tips, Competing in Real Estate, AI, and Social Media Budget | #TomFerryShow Q&A

– Welcome to the Tom Ferry Show. Today I’m answering about seven questions that we’ve been getting on Facebook and Insta and on Youtube, to help you not reinvent the wheel. But instead, quickly take the right action, so let’s jump right in. (energetic music) – The first question was, “Hey Tom, what’s the best “way to know […]

A Step-by-Step Video Marketing Plan to Build Brand Identity and Beat Your Competition

hey so welcome back to the podcast today I'm gonna give you some insight from mine success summit that I think is more relevant today than it even was then the topic of this keynote was how do you out market out position and outmaneuver the competition now think about that in August of 2019 having that conversation […]

Generating Real Estate Leads and Clients with Content Marketing | Ray Ellen | Summit 2017

hello everybody I'm really excited to be sharing with you today content that creates clients how we are using content to develop a massive amount of relationships with people and using that to generate our leads instead of me doing a lot of phone calls before we get too deep how many new agents are here okay again […]

The Real Estate Social Media Strategy for Maximum Reach and Engagement | #TomFerryShow

today we're talking about social media marketing and giving you two big outcomes so you know exactly how to execute hey welcome to the tom ferry show today I'm gonna talk about one of the questions I get asked all the time and that is Tom okay I know I've got to do social media but can you […]

The Best Real Estate Marketing Strategy – 5 Rules for Exponential Growth

Marketing is no longer this mystical thing everything is trackable everything is measurable Travis everything we do every action that we take only in our marketing has one purpose and what is that purpose marketing is math and appointments is a game there are five basic rules if you want to have exponential growth on appointments so let's […]

New Agent Tips, Competing in Real Estate, AI, and Social Media Budget | #TomFerryShow Q&A

welcome to the Tom Fairy show today I'm answering about seven questions that we've been getting on Facebook an instant on YouTube to help you not reinvent the wheel but instead quickly take the right action so let's jump right in the first question was hey Tom what's the best way to know my local market as a […]