Mac Miller’s “Good News” Explained | Song Stories

[JACQUES] Mac Miller’s estate releases the soulful first single off of his upcoming posthumous album, ‘Circles,’ entitled, “Good News.” “Good News” is produced by Mac Miller and Jon Brion. Earlier this week, Miller’s family released a statement detailing the plans for “Circles,” saying quote. At the time of his passing, Malcom was well into the process of recording […]

Justin Bieber’s “Yummy” Explained | Genius News

DELISA: After nearly a four year hiatus of solo music, Justin Bieber gifts fans with his newest single “Yummy.” DELISA: “Yummy” is produced by Sasha Sirota, Kid Culture and frequent collaborator Poo Bear. This is Bieber’s first full length single since 2015’s ‘Purpose,’ and the lead single for his upcoming album reportedly set to release later this year. […]

What Are Hip-Hop’s Favorite Brands Of The Decade? | Genius News

RUSSEL: For better or worse, rap, and music in general, would not be what it is without a bit of materialism. That of course includes the cars… RUSSEL: and the clothes… RUSSEL: …and lots more luxury and designer names. But there are a handful of labels that dominated the bars of the 2010s. RUSSEL: So here are the […]

Genius Picks The Most Underrated Albums Of 2019 | Genius News

My underrated album of 2019 is….. Speaker 1: My underrated album at least is ‘The Life of Pi’erre 4’. Speaker 2: Oh, Pi’erre Bourne. Speaker 1: By Pi’erre Bourne. Production on that is just so flawless. Speaker 3: So my underrated album of 2019 is Freddie Gibbs and Madlib: ‘Bandana’. Speaker 4: Oh okay. Speaker 3: Have you […]

What Was Hip-Hop’s Favorite Phrase In 2019? | Genius News

HILLS: Throughout 2019, we’ve seen lyrical trends come and go but a few have stood out and dominated the charts. HILLS: While most of this slang has been around a long time, we picked three of the phrases we’ve covered this year: “no cap,” “slatt,” and “wipe his nose” to see which one ultimately dominated hip-hop in 2019. […]

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