Why Australia’s fires are linked to floods in Africa

Downright apocalyptic images coming out of Australia right now. There are now six fires burning at emergency levels. The smoke is so intense and so thick it can be seen from space. 2,000 homes have been destroyed. Six million hectares of land charred. Staggering toll on the nation’s wildlife. This is just heartbreaking. These record-breaking bushfires in Australia […]

Reporters blown off-camera during live blizzard update

We’re in Grand Etang, Nova Scotia. This is home of Les Suetes winds– south-easterly – they’re more easterly right now, gusting about 170 kilometres per hour. You can’t quite look the wind in the face because your face gets sand-blasted. Yeah, you know, it’s very much … the only storm I can compare this to is hurricanes. Definitely […]

News Wrap: Major storms disrupt Thanksgiving travel

JUDY WOODRUFF: A major storm dumped heavy snow across the Midwest today, fouling travel on the day before Thanksgiving. As much as a foot fell in some places, delaying flights at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport, one of the nation’s busiest. A separate system slammed Oregon and California with rain, snow and high wind, and transportation officials scrambled to keep […]

How to Make a Rain Stick : How to Use Newspapers to Make Rain Sticks

Hi, this is Ginny with Simply Beautiful Crafts on behalf of Expert Village. Another simple way to make a sound filter for your rain stick, especially if you’re working with young children, is to make wads of paper. Just take a newspaper and wad it up and get it as tight as you can. Now if your tube […]

News Wrap: Another tropical system hits the northern Bahamas

JUDY WOODRUFF: A new tropical weather system has hit the Northern Bahamas tonight. Forecasts call for up to four inches of rain and winds of 30 miles an hour, complicating relief efforts in the wake of Hurricane Dorian. Many are living in tents or under tarps in badly damaged homes on Abaco and Grand Bahama, where Dorian wiped […]

Hurricane Dorian wreaks havoc on Bahamas as ‘catastrophic’ Category 5 storm

The police department prides itself on being here to preserve, specifically preserving life, protecting property. But we have our limitations. When the hurricane is upon us, with the best intention, we will not be able to act. The roads will be filled with water, there may be obstructions and we will not be able to get to you.

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