Carrie Underwood On The One Thing She Says Husband Mike Fisher Has To Cook Himself

Does your husband cook too? Does he like getting in there and making a mess with you? Well I don’t, I’m not a good meat cooker because I’m not a meat eater. Gotcha. So I will do all the veggies and all the sides, and if he wants meat he gonna have to make that himself. Well men […]

Jeff Probst On Survivor Legacy: The Show Has Resulted In 60 Survivor Babies!

What I like about this cast in this season. Like there’s one woman, she’s absolutely beautiful in the commercial. She talks about how she formed a family because of survivor and she had four kids with her true love Amber. and now she’s competing. She looks 12 by the way. So she think about this, what you just […]

Denis Leary Honors 20th Anniversary of Worcester Cold Storage Fire with Sons of Fallen Firefighte…

(applause) Please welcome two amazing firefighters from Worcester, both of whom are carrying on, literally, in their fathers’ footsteps. They are not statues, they are living it. Please welcome, Dennis’ cousin, Jerry Lucy and Danny Spencer. (applause) (inspirational music) For us, it’s, I think, not only, like a childhood dream, you know, when you see your father going […]

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