Uncut Leclerc’s Team Radio at Suzuka (w/ Subs) | 2019 Japanese Grand Prix

Bryan, I was in right shape -1 for quali, right? Confirmed Copy You can fire up the engine I’ve got damage! Copy, we are checking it Box now, box! Box now, box! Why? Well, I suppose it’s too late Copy, understood! Why don’t we continue a little bit more? We need to box this lap, box Copy box, […]

How Much Does Your Directeur Sportif Tell You On The Radio? | GCN Ask The Pros

– I’m asking the pros, how much does their DS tell them and is it sometimes too much? – Alex, not that much. – No? – It’s pretty concise. – Okay, interesting. – Oh quite a lot, yeah sometimes in the descents he’ll tell us every single corner coming up, how sharp it is, sometimes we go through […]

Autoplius.lt FAST LAP is the real MOVIE by Baltas Media. Very last event of Fast Lap 2008 – 2018.

This is a race, which we could say was illegal at first when it was born The whole idea behind Autoplius.lt Fast Lap is to create such an event, where we would like to take place ourselves The feeling you get there… I’d say it is not just a race, it is a festival It is love for […]

Super Bike Vs Hyper Bike: Can You Go Faster If You Break The Rules?

(intense dramatic music) – [Narrator] In 2018, GCN made a hyper-bike. A bike that ripped up the rule book and then burned it. (flames crackling) But after that video a key question remained. Is a hyper-bike actually any good? – [Ollie] Honestly we didn’t know. So we’ve gone and built another one. Only this time we’re armed with […]

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