What would that be like? I’m not sure… if I exactly… understand the question. I don’t think I completely understand the question, “What do you think about companionship?” We’re going on a new tour? I’ll try to enjoy it. Since we first started this tour, the scale of it has gotten so big.

Sesame Street: Kermit is an Angry News Reporter | Kermit News

[MUSIC PLAYING] ANNOUNCER: We take you now to Kermit the roving reporter and his People on the Street Interview. KERMIT: It’s OK, Officer. No, no, we’re with Sesame Street. It’s a kids’ program. Oh, shh. Hi, this is Kermit the Frog here, of Sesame Street News. And today we are out on the street here, and we’re going […]

S Korea’s presidential office refutes Japanese media reports

shifting our focus to these whole Tokyo Intel sharing pact which has been extended but is once again caught up in controversy Japanese officials reportedly construed the deal as a one-sided win for them with no concessions made on trade and denies of apologizing to solve for such distortion Shin Semin has the latest in a read out […]

Khloe Kardashian Answers Ellen’s Burning Questions

All right, we’re back with Khloe Kardashian, who’s pregnant for the first time, and we thought we could have fun with her in a game we’re calling pregnancy brain. It’s basically burning questions with a different name. So your sisters have played, Kim’s played, Kendall’s played, and Kourtney’s played. Cool. And the pregnant sister Kylie, is not, but […]

Internet Support Group 9

اهلا أنترنت! أجل, هذا صحيح حان الوقت إلى جلسة اخرى لإعطاء النصائح المريبة في مجموعة الدعم النفسي على الانترنت الفيديو التاسع وأشعر بالروعة! أو لا… وهذا هو السبب الذي دعاني إلى صنع هذا حتى أُلهي نفسي من عذابي اللامنتهي حسنا, قبل أن نبدأ أتوقع أنكم تتوقعون هذا الجزء من الفيديو الذي أُخرج فيه الكحول ثم امزح عن إحتياجي […]