Nick Offerman Made A Heart-Shaped Box From Scratch To Hold Megan Mullally’s Engagement Ring

– You are super good at singing. (laughs) – I do owe my career, I think, to you. You told me backstage, he and Megan actually voted around 7,000 times for me. – [Nick] That’s right. – No, but you have a new podcast, right? – Yes. Megan and I have a new podcast called, “In Bed with […]

A 19th Century lesbian ‘marriage’ proposal | Gentleman Jack – BBC

Ann. Good lord. I thought you were in Copenhagen? I am, I was, aren’t you in Scotland? I didn’t know that you’d written from Paris they didn’t tell me, I mean my sister did eventually but she couldn’t write back to you because your letter disappeared with your address on it. I was so cross when I found […]

Forever Duncan Wedding (The Entire Day) [Dir. Holla Definition & KTGWorks Media]

whatever harm yet I want you to go get some on my burner and okay Ross ain't nothing to her I tell her was more than just tell her did she mere weeks I take this moment in front of everybody that we love their servitude which means that you have to do everything that I said you […]