Silicon Valley 6×07 Promo “Exit Event” (HD) Series Finale

Pied Piper can help scientists cure cancer. -And cancer is bad. -Cancer fucking sucks. “Hey, I’d like some cancer, please.” No. We built the single, greatest network ever in the world. I would like you to give me free shares of Pied Piper. You had plenty of opportunity to invest. Yeah, you could buy a Piper coin. Monica, […]

The Meyers Family Tells a Traumatic Story Involving Seth’s Orthodontic Headgear

-This is a tradition — this is six years in the making. Four years — this is the fourth year of this other tradition. First couple of years, we had one kid — he could not stay up this late to be on the show. Now we got two kids who are too young to stay up this […]

House Invites Trump to Next Impeachment Hearing: A Closer Look

-The House has laid out the next steps in its impeachment inquiry and now they’re inviting President Trump himself to participate. For more on this, it’s time for “A Closer Look.” [ Cheers and applause ] One thing we know about Trump is that his brain is basically a toxic waste dump with a bunch of trash, debris […]

Jacqueline Novak’s Therapist Fell Asleep During Their Session

-Hello, I’m back. -Hello, you’re back, and you were here fairly recently. -Yes. -I saw your show, “Get on Your Knees,” which I love so much. -Thank you. -And as the title might imply, if people missed the subtlety, this is a show about oral sex. -Yes, and you use that term — -Whoo! -Yeah. -Thank you. It’s […]

Late Night Democratic Presidential Debate Round Five

-The fifth Democratic debate was held last week. But I think there were a lot of important questions that went unanswered. So we decided to hold another one. That’s right. All 10 of the qualifying candidates are right here, right now, and they’re ready to go. So without further ado, here is the “Late Night” Democratic presidential debate. […]

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