Kellyanne Conway Has Total Meltdown After Demanding Reporter Tell His Ethnicity

So by this point, everybody’s pretty much aware of the fact that yesterday Kellyanne Conway basically pulled a papers please moment on a reporter by straight up asking him after he asked her a question, what’s your ethnicity? And we all know exactly what Kelly and Conway is trying to do and everybody has been talking about this. […]

Joe Biden Freaks Out On Reporter For Asking About Bernie

Yesterday after an event, former vice president Joe Biden, was approached by CBS news reporter Ed O’Keefe. O’Keefe wanted to ask about Bernie Sanders, a apology to Biden and apology that Biden absolutely did not deserve and Bernie should not have issued, but nonetheless had O’Keefe wanted to ask about it, and Biden for some reason went off […]

Reporter Nails Sarah Huckabee Sanders For Lying: “How Can We Believe Anything You Say?”

In the last few weeks, it’s become more and more obvious that reporters in the United States are no longer afraid to call Sarah Huckabee Sanders out for her lies. Last year, Huckabee Sanders told us that Donald Trump, the President of the United States was in no way involved in the New York Times response that Donald […]

Bernie Surges While Trump, The Media, And Establishment Dems Unite To Take Him Down

You know, I don’t think that Donald Trump thought even for a second that he was going to have to face Bernie Sanders in the 2020 presidential election. But as the polls are now showing us, that is a very real and very likely possibility for Donald Trump. And so since they’ve seen all the latest polling showing […]

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