Can Yaman joined the program. Television ratings rose to the record. Albatross flies at the summit.

MAGAZİN KELEBEK Can Yaman joined the program. Television ratings rose to the record. Albatross flies at the summit. Can Yaman joined the television program in Italy in response to the Corona virus. Can Yaman came to the program of Barbara D’Urso. The audience was not included in the program to prevent Corona virus. Program content was changed at […]

Communications and Media Fundamentals

[Music] It was important for me to take this program at Centennial because it was the only program that I could find that actually had this kind of introduction course. The CAMF program is great because it gives you a little taste of everything. Advertising, marketing, journalism, broadcasting, film. And if you’re a student who doesn’t really know […]

Carolina Classrooms: College and Career Readiness 2019

I’m Angel Malone, Director of Career and Technical Education at the South Carolina Department of Education. I’m happy to serve as your guest host for this episode of Carolina classrooms. Today’s topic is about college and career readiness more specifically workforce development including high demand job opportunities that are available within the state. At one point in time […]

The Computer Information Technology Program at Pellissippi State

Have you always been drawn to the exciting world of technology? Do you want the opportunity to design your own software program or even pursue the vital security field of cyber defense? Pellissippi State Community College offers the path to earn your degree in Computer Information Technology. With concentrations in cyber defense, networking, programming, and systems administration and […]

GLENWOOD SPRINGS: Street Level Promo on PBS Colorado Public Television –

Welcome to an exciting new season of Street Level! I’m your host, Juliana Broste and this season we’re packing a bag and heading to Glenwood Springs, the land of water. Famous for the hot springs pool and vapor caves, Glenwood Springs is home to a wealth of natural wonders. This season, we’ll explore the natural bounties and rich […]

50th Anniversary of VCU Information Systems

in 1965 we thought this computer thing might really catch on. From punch cards to tape spools to now, we’re still defining the cutting edge. We think we’re pretty good students. Bill Gates awarding us the Imagine Cup showed how good. We were the first I.S. program in a business school to earn Abet accreditation. Four thousand alumni […]

Humber Film and Television Production students talk about their final projects

[music plays throughout] [interviewer] Tell us a little about yourself and, uh, your role in this film. [man 1] I was the writer-director. Um, wrote the film about six months ago or so, and it’s taken a lot of different incarnations, and I was lucky enough to, uh, to have it chosen and be given the chance to […]

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