‘It’s All Your Fault’ Ep. 13 Preview | Power: The Final Episodes | STARZ

Sorry to come unannounced. Where the fuck is Benny? I don’t know anyone named Tommy. You think people in the hood don’t talk? The truth was a lot more complicated than I thought. He ruined all of our lives. He’s a fucking liar. You lied to yourself. I got some custom-made handcuffs for you.

Doris & Mary-Anne Are Breaking Out Of Prison | Episode 8

Cheer those cheeks, Mary-Anne. I’ve determined how to stop those hoods in Cell Block C from PUSHING us around… Specifically, pushing me around. We’ll start an old fashioned PRISON GANG. And we’ll call ourselves The MISS FISTS. You see it’s like misfits, but MISS because we’re gals. And FISTS because we don’t put up with no PHONUS BALONUS! […]

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