BREAKING! Putin Prepares Russia For Post-Putin Era: We Need Stronger Parliament And Weaker President

Russia is a huge country, and every region has its specifics, problems and experience. Of course, this must be taken into account. I believe it is necessary to cardinally increase the role of governors in decision-making at the federal level. As you know, back in 2000 the State Council was restored at my initiative, where the heads of […]

BREAKING! Putin Proposes AI-Loving Award-Winning Taxman Mishustin As Next Prime Minister of Russia!

Only a few minutes ago, the name of the new candidate for the Prime Minister post was announced. He is Mikhail Mishustin, the Head of the Federal Taxation Service. Vladimir Putin submitted the candidacy of Mikhail Mishustin for consideration to the State Duma. At the same time, the president signed the order about the resignation of the government. […]

BREAKING! Putin:The Birth Rate is Falling Again! We Must Do Everything To Support Russian Families

I would like to start the main part of my Address with demography, how many children are born in Russian families in one, five or ten years, on these children’s upbringing, on what kind of people they become and what they will do for the country, as well as on the values they choose as their mainstay in […]

BREAKING! Russian Government Resigns After President Putin’s Proposes Changes to the Constitution!

These are the scenes we just received. Thank you very much. Dear colleagues, good afternoon, we saw each other but now face-to-face. Mr Medvedev and I have discussed in detail the questions that I raised in the Address to the Federal Assembly. As you see, there are many issues, and to successfully complete what we planned in the […]

BREAKING! Kremlin Publishes Archive Footages Including Putin Dancing With US President George Bush

The Kremlin published the second part of the album, dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Vladimir Putin’s tenure as head of state. Today, rare archival photos and videos have been posted on the internet – from 2005 to 2008. Among them, for example, Putin’s arrival in Serpukhov in 2005 to the World War II veteran Antonina Efremova, then […]

BREAKING! Putin Observes Black Sea Drills by the Russian Navy With Hypersonic KINZHAL!

The most modern Russian weapons, under the impression of which the general staffs of the leading armies of the world change strategic plans and develop new tactical schemes, Moscow has demonstrated it today. Joint exercises of the Northern and the Black Sea fleets took place off the coast of Crimea. Vladimir Putin observed them in the close vicinity. […]

Japanese media says President Moon’s New Year’s Address shows urge to improve Seoul-Tokyo ties

Japanese media reported the president moon showed his determination to improve ties with Tokyo Kyoto News highlighted how the South Korean leader noted the need to take violet relations to the next level that looks towards the future however it pointed out that moon didn’t mention the root cause of their frayed ties the 2018 ruling over the […]

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