9AM Trump Breaking News 7/4/19 | America's Newsroom 7/4/19 Fox News Today July 4, 2019

holiday good morning I'm John Scott in for Bill Hemmer this morning and I'm Alicia Cunha in for Sandra Smith the president putting his own spin on this year's festivities the nation's capital which will include tanks fireworks and if the weather permits military jet flyovers president Trump will also give a speech honoring our troops meanwhile some […]

2PM | CNN Newsroom 7/4/19 | Trump Breaking News Today July 4, 2019

and here we go on this Independence Day we continue with this breaking news out of Southern California thank you for being with me I'm Brooke Baldwin talking about this major earthquake preliminary reports indicate it was a 6.4 magnitude quake and just for perspective for all of us those deadly quakes like in 1989 go in in […]

Trump’s expensive July Fourth event, explained

-We're gonna have a great 4thof July in Washington, DC. It'll be like no other. It'll be special and I hopea lotta people come and it's gonna beabout this country and it's a Salute to America. -One thing that's clear is,once you start involving the military, there areconsiderable costs involved, as we saw when theadministration started planning, but […]

FULL America's Newsroom 10AM 7/3/19 | America's Newsroom Fox News July 3, 2019

and watch as my friends with cancer 911 like me or valued less than anyone else because of when they get sick they die I was some riveting testimony of a hill Luis Alvarez on Capitol Hill three weeks ago the former detective first responder making an impassioned plea to renew the compensation fund for victims of 9/11 […]

CNN Newsroom( 7/3/19): A lot of TAX MONEY will be taken by Trump to advertise for himself

to account here of current Border Patrol officials and agents at the very highest level Jim and we know that immediately afterwards Border Patrol and the chief there was swift condemnation of the social media post now we're hearing from the acting DHS secretary Kevin Mackel meaning calling these inexcusable saying he's going to launch an investigation if […]

America's Newsroom 6/28/19 [FULL 8AM | Breaking News Trump In Japan Fox News Today June 28, 2019

you I'm trace Gallagher in for Bill Hemmer president Trump pulling no punches on what he thinks about the debates even while traveling overseas slamming the ten candidates from last night's debate for their far left views meanwhile the 20/20 hopefuls wasting no time going after each other and the front-runner Joe Biden but one of the biggest […]

America's Newsroom 7/1/19 [FULL | America's Newsroom Fox News Today July 1, 2019

my dear – good morning everyone I'm Sandra Smith the meeting coming as most Americans were sleeping in the early morning hours Sunday with a historic handshake the president walked with Kim jong-un into the Hermit Kingdom then returning across the border to the DMZ where the two leaders agreed to restart stalled nuclear talks on the scene […]