How to Optimise for Dark Mode? | Canonical Chronicle, the weekly search news show

– So what’s the most common things SEO people do in the bedroom? ♪ My drumstick ♪ ♪ In your brain stop stick ♪ – No, no, no, not that. We surf the web on our phones, obviously. And because of all the late night surfing, our circadian rhythm is being really negatively affected by blue light. And […]

SEO and PPC News | 17-09-18 Google Ads, Google Shopping & More

-In this week’s edition of search engine news we’re going to look at Google’s recent updates to exact match keywords and what it could mean for your business advertising on Google Ads. We also have staying with Google Ads a new ad format future tryouts for shopping campaigns to hopefully boost your engagement. Finally, following on from last […]

Challenges facing Canadian federal leaders ahead of election

[Voice of Justin Trudeau] The next election is about the kind of country we want to live in. And who we want to be as Canadians. [Voice of Rosemary Barton] Justin Trudeau may arguably be the most experienced campaigner of this election but he is also about to do something he has never done before. Run as a […]

Federal Leaders’ Debate 2019

Announcer: Exactly two weeks from tonight,Canadians will decide who to invite or invite backto this place —Parliament Hill, The House of Commons.♪ ♪For 27 days, the six main party leaders have been travellingthe country, making pitches and promises.Tonight, they will defend and deconstruct their ideas live.Liberal leader Justin Trudeau.Conservative leader Andrew Scheer.NDP’s Jagmeet Singh.Elizabeth May of the Green […]

People’s Party Gatineau Media Scrum – Behind the Scenes

Hello everyone Robert Vaughan of Just Right Media here on August 18th Bob Metz and I were part of the media scrum following the People’s Party of Canada’s Veterans policy announcement in Gatineau Quebec Marshall McLuhan was wrong the medium is not the message the media is the message and we present this video so our viewers can […]

Why it’s so easy to fall for fake news and how to spot it

Vassy Kapelos: This might beCanada’s most persistent piece of fake news.It comes from a 2004 letter to the editorprinted in The Toronto Star.It says refugees in Canada receive more moneyfrom the government than retired citizens.It’s not true. In fact, a retired Canadian is eligible for about double what a refugee gets, depending on the province.But you can still […]

SEO & PPC News | 08-10-2018 | Google Algorithm, Search Console & More!

Darren: In this video, you’re going to learn about some changes Google have made to the search console when it comes to the search results page. You’re also going to see something very sneaky that Google have snuck in to their new update to the Chrome browser, and in addition to that, there’s been yet more changes with […]

SEO & PPC News | 10-09-2018 – Google Datasets, Search Console & More

Darren Taylor: Google have finally mainstreamed an update to its search console, we also see them release a brand new way of searching for datasets, and in addition to that, we have a search engine that’s beloved by a few select people that has a birthday to celebrate as well. This is search engine news. Let’s get into […]

New Breed Marketing in Vermont Attacking My Character Based on a Linkedin Post

hey guys I thought that I would give you an interesting look at what I deal with every day and how it relates to Magic the Gathering so Amanda who works for a competing digital marketing agency in Vermont if you truly can't come up with a better example then one that grossly objectifies women you clearly aren't […]

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