$3 Million Gone and Dinh refuses to say why | A Current Affair

Jason den is a wealthy property developer who refuses to explain how three million dollars in home deposits went missing its cost a hundred families thousands of dollars and the dream of a home 3 million dollars it's not the kind of money that simply disappears they're just complete scumbags who have just ruined lives absolutely ruined lives […]

Belle Gibson's former boss blows the whistle | A Current Affair

Bell Gibson was all about clean living before she was busted so how did she end up working for an establishment like this tonight her former boss spills the beans on the serial con woman's secret job did you buy while you're on the stand isn't it about time that the truth came out wherever Belle Gibson goes […]

Democratic Presidential Debate – June 26 (Full) | NBC News

good evening everyone I'm Lester Holt and welcome to the first Democratic debates in the 2020 race for president hi I'm Savannah Guthrie and tonight it's our first chance to see these candidates go head-to-head on stage together we'll be joined in our questioning tonight by our colleagues Jose diaz-balart Chuck Todd and Rachel Maddow voters are trying […]

Stand-off between homeowner and a squatter | A Current Affair

first the extraordinary standoff between a homeowner and a squatter it's Julie's house it's in her name and she pays the mortgage but for more than two years Teresa Smith has been living there slowly destroying it and unbelievably not even police can kick her out she's destroyed me it's just destroyed what do you want how long […]

Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – June 25, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

breaking news tonight president Trump's border chief is out as outrage grows over detained migrant children more than 100 taken back to a detention center described as appalling where attorneys say they were denied soap and toothbrushes tonight new images of migrants confined in a tent city sweltering in the summer heat the president's been warning to Iran […]

Media Too Quick To Dismiss Donald Trump/Alfa Bank Server Contact Story | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

for my money though the single most fascinating story in all of this is what has just been reported by veteran investigative journalist Dexter Filkins at The New Yorker just before the presidential election on Halloween October 31st 2016 Franklin for published this fascinating and very controversial piece at Slate calm and honestly it has been driving me […]