How To Market Your Amazon or eBay Store via Social Media

How To Use Social Media for eBay and Amazon ATTENTION GRABBER (00:00-00:06) Hey everyone! In this video, I answer Becky’s question: How do I use social media to draw people to my eBay or amazon stores? (Insert screenshot) INTRO BUMPER (00:07-00:13) Personal-branded logo with music, animations and text to set the tone. THE CONTENT (00:14-01:14) So, if you […]

Pinterest Advertising: The Newest Channel For Positive ROI | M2M Episode 17

episode 17 we're gonna pin the tail on the donkey let's go Pinterest launched its promoted pins advertising in 2014 they started with us advertisers only but have quickly expanded to the UK and Canadian businesses but do promoted pins really work from my experience it's an absolute yes in fact they've worked so well that I didn't […]