Trump slams media: They failed to acknowledge my preparedness for coronavirus

when can Americans expect their lives to go back to normal will that not happen until there’s a vaccine I hope very soon we’ll see this is uncharted territory as you know we think we have ideas it doesn’t help to say what the ideas I would hope very soon we’re we’ve pulled together as a nation people […]

Krusty’s New Commercial For Stoners | Season 31 Ep. 17 | THE SIMPSONS

People are stressed out these days. Scurvy is back. There’s, like, 60 wars going on. Whales are eating our precious ocean plastic. Maybe people want to smoke a dube for that. Oh, yeah. Everyone’s selling crap to stoners now. Have you seen the new Krusty Burger commercial? [soft music playing] When you got the munchies, for some reason– […]

Covering the Rohingya refugee crisis and reporting on genocide | Reporter’s View

So my name is Verena Hölzl I’m an independent journalist based in Yangon, Myanmar I’ve been reporting on the Rohingya crisis ever since I moved here in 2015 I originally came to Myanmar because I wanted to witness The transition from over half a century of military dictatorship to democracy And what I ended up with really is […]


Vladimir Putin and Education Minister Sergei Kravtsov discussed school education at a working meeting. The Head of the Ministry told the President that all funds for the organization of free meals of junior students are already provided In addition, the Ministry controls the construction and licensing of new schools and kindergartens and pays special attention to compliance with […]

Timothy Ogu | BA (Hons) Contemporary Media Cultures

I’m Timothy Ogu I’ve just graduated from BA (Hons) Media and Cultural Studies. For my dissertation I picked on grime and the diaspora. So my whole idea was, how does grime relate to existing forms of black identity and also can grime be classed a new form of Pan-Africanism. I did photography before I started so I’d class […]

What is Dignity? | Rosalind Wiseman from Cultures of Dignity & Cognitive Media

— – [Rosalind Wiseman] We all want a world where everyone is treated with respect but sometimes it seems in pretty short supply and the notion of giving respect is often a flashpoint between young people and adults. We’ve probably all experienced moments of frustration when we feel we deserve respect and have not been given it or […]

BREAKING: Deadly coronavirus spreads beyond China

Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses. They get their name from the corona of surface proteins, used by the virus to penetrate the cells of its host. Some, like the common cold, cause illness in people. Others circulate among animals, such as cats or bats. A novel coronavirus is one that hasn’t been detected before in humans. […]

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