“The Bigfoot Stories You’ve Never Heard” #WeirdDarkness

Welcome to “Weird Darkness” I’m your creator and host, Darren Marlar. This episode is a collaboration with my friends and Haunting Stories. I’ll be telling you about Bigfoot – and over at Haunting Stories they’ve posted another video, with me narrating a continuation of this regarding the Minnesota Iceman! Be sure to check out their video right after […]

Controversial Radio Show – Earth Radio Network is shocking truth radio

You can’t handle the truth under health Wolves Saturday night july 8:15 or 2017 Benjamin knight. What did they say the bilderberg group as you like it? The good Dr.. Drake is out tonight along with Double-a. They’re both attending to other business They shall return next Saturday night as you heard Benjamin knight is in studio with […]

“In the Nineties I Was A Television Producer Here’s Why I Quit” [Friday CLASSIC] Creepypasta

It’s a popular belief that the television industry is a big, incestuous cabal of dirty dealings and messes swept fastidiously under the rug. As a person who’s worked in pretty much every job that business has to offer – from collecting the coffee to full-on producing and directing – I have no intention of dispelling any of those […]

SCP Secure Facilities Information

Facility Designations The Foundation maintains and operates a large number of facilities worldwide, from small outposts with only a handful of staff to major Sites with thousands of personnel. Site Foundation facilities designated as Sites are covert facilities, meaning that while existence of the facility is known to the public, such facilities are often disguised under government or […]

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