How Did One Man Break Into Buckingham Palace TWICE?

You would think with all those furry-hatted guards wandering around, a team of 24-hour security personnel and her own private police force, whose cars are uniquely painted red by the way, and let us not forget her very own guard corgis. That it would be rather difficult to break into the home of the world’s largest landowner and […]

Counterfeit Culture Moscow: Inside the Russian Fashion Black Market

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Celine Dion & Elton John – H.E.A.R.T. Concert (PR Newswire 20-02-2006)

he's Noble guest and welcome to our eternity event we're just delighted to be the host of the Hart benefit for employees of Harrah's on the Gulf Coast who were affected by the hurricane everybody in New Orleans loves a party and they wouldn't like anything better than a party on their behalf and now as they start […]