Myringotomy & Cohen T-tube insertion for otitis media with effusion

We can see typical retro-tympanic fluid shown in green, and an air bubble (white circle) A linear radial myringotomy is performed in the anterior-inferior quadrant to avoid any ossicle injury. As you can see there is liquid behind the eardrum which is suctioned carefully without inducing sound trauma. The T-tube is inserted using micro-forceps, holding both flanges together […]

What is Acute Otitis Media?

Acute Otitis Media What is Acute Otitis Media? ‘Acute’ stands for ‘abrupt onset’ ‘Ot-‘ stands for ‘Ear’ ‘itis’ stands for ‘Infection & inflammation’ While ‘Media’ stands for ‘middle ear’ So acute otitis media means ‘Inflammation of the middle ear’ What are the stages of ‘Acute Otitis Media’? I. Stage of tubal occlusion: Since the middle ear drainage is […]

“Acute Otitis Media” by Alex Ruan for OPENPediatrics

Acute Otitis Media, by Alex Ruan and Dr. Jennifer Cheng. Learning Objectives. By the end of this video, the student will be able to describe the common risk factors and basic epidemiology of acute otitis media; understand the interplay of anatomy and microbiology as it relates to the pathophysiology of the illness; differentiate between acute otitis media, otitis […]