BAKED | S01E05 – “Party’s On Till The Break Of Dawn”

Yes! Shit! What happened Brother Haris? You seem to have fallen short of attendance Sorry, who are you? How do you know my name? If I don’t keep a close watch on my people, then who will? Brother Haris, listen to me I know someone in the office I’ll get your attendance sorted out Just remember one thing… […]

Taylor Swift to Headline FREE JamFest Show in Atlanta | Billboard News

♪ You’re my, my, my, my ♪ ♪ Lover ♪ – So you couldn’t get tickets to Taylor Swift’s two sold-out festivals in L.A. and Boston next year. Well, today is your lucky day, if you like Atlanta in the spring. Instead of going on one of her cross-county tours, Taylor is really trimming down her 2020 schedule. […]

How to Conquer Social Media w/ Lizzy Greene & Casey SimpsonšŸ“±| NRDD | Nick

Do you #Love social media? Are you up to date on what’s hashtag trending? Do you wanna become a #influencer? Well Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn have got you covered with these helpful social media tips and tricks. Do get creative with hashtags so that they catch on. – #RickyLife. – Ricky life. #RickyLife. Don’t create a holiday […]

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