Vijay Television Awards 2017 Full Winners List | Is This Right? | இதுக்கு பேரு விருதா ? மக்களே உஷார்

Hi, Hello, Welcome to Nettv4U viewers and subscribers! We are going to look at an award function in our show Is it an Oscar award? No… National award? No… Vijay Telivision awards What is that? Vijay TV is following the rule We are there for oursleves They give awards for the anchors, serial actors and shows in their […]

The Office Changed TV Forever & You Barely Noticed

As proven by its enduring popularity on Netflix, The Office has taken its place in the canon of television classics, shedding the notion that it was somehow an inferior remake to its British counterpart. Instead, it revolutionized TV comedy in ways that nobody expected — or even really noticed. For the vast history of American television comedy, the […]

Trump Wanted A Kiss |Former Fox News Reporter claims.

Trump invited Fox News reporter to his office so we can kiss she claims at least now I can joke that I could have banged the president brights Kourtney Friel a former Fox News anchor has claimed Donald Trump propositioned her before he became US president Kourtney Friel says she was speaking to the then entrepreneur on the […]

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