USC Candidates Interview Part 1: Talking Platform

Hey Western, I’m Lexie Misterski. And today I’m going to be sitting down and interviewing your USC presidential candidates. Let’s see what they have to say. I’m here with USC presidential candidate Victoria Barroso, and I’m here with Keenen Q. Matt Reesor, Aleesha Rehill, we’re going to start with a couple questions about your platform. So first of […]

Wining and Dining: Wine and Cheese Night at Western U

Listen here folks. String Cheese is string cheese for reason. It’s got strings! Hey Western Priyanka Doger here at Brescia and USC’s Wine andCheese formal. I’m expecting to taste some wine, try some fancy cheese and witness some great live performances. Stay tuned and let’s return to the roaring 20s! Are you by chance are lactose intolerant? I […]

SHERLOCK – Specific High-sensitivity Enzymatic Reporter unLOCKing

– Diagnostics in the infections disease field is actually very unique. People die. Even with each passing hour in some cases if we can’t make the correct diagnosis. What is potentially attainable with Sherlock is a diagnostic that is rapid, that will give us almost immediate information to guide our management to patients. – Sherlock is a different […]

R.J. Mitte — Star of “Breaking Bad” — Speaks to the College of Charleston

– Thank you so much for having me. I am R.J. Mitte. If you do not know who I am, I do not know why you are here. (audience laughs) I worked on a show called “Breaking Bad” and I am now current working on another show called “Switched at Birth” on ABC Family. I’ve been lucky enough […]

Marihuana Television News 29 – Debate en el SENADO y la DULCE REVOLUCIÓN de las PLANTAS MEDICINALES

Welcome everyone to program number 29 of Marihuanatelevisión News, the program about cannabis culture. Hi, it’s Estela! And this month my country has activated all the health alarms not because a third of our population is breathing polluted air above legal limits but because of a single Ebola case that has unleashed old fears. The authorities, however, with […]

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