Devin Nunes Has A Cow When Asked Question By Reporter Lee Fang

>>Republican representative Devin Nunes has been implicated through the impeachment investigation. Lev Parnas who is a business associate of Donald Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani has shared information with investigators regarding how Devin Nunes was in contact with both him and with Rudy Giuliani in trying to dig up dirt Donald Trump’s political rival Joe Biden. Now investigators […]

Nunes goes viral for SHAMEFUL stunt while being questioned by reporter

Excuse me, hate to interrupt. Hey Congressman Nunes, I just wanted to ask you very quickly, what were your calls with Lev Parnas about? Were you asking baout the effort to investigate Hunter Biden? Congressman Nunes? Tried to ask him if he would talk about his calls to Lev Parnas, if he was part of the effort to […]

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