Do Whistleblower Protections Work? Ask This One. | Retro Report

Battered by the impeachment hearings, President Donald Trump has focused on discrediting the whistleblower who lit the fuse. “We have to know. Is the whistleblower a spy?” “I mean, there’s always a way to smear the whistleblower.” “I know the difference between a whistleblower and a deep state operative. This is a deep state operative pure and simple.” […]

The Nightmare World of Gang Stalking

This has many names. Gang stalking, mob stalking, community stalking. You’re in the middle of this ridiculous, irrational impossibility that is real and is happening. First, the Guardian revealed the National Security Agency is collecting telephone records of millions of Verizon customers. To surveil someone through their phones. Certainly through their television sets. The last year and a […]

Controversial Radio Show – Earth Radio Network is shocking truth radio

You can’t handle the truth under health Wolves Saturday night july 8:15 or 2017 Benjamin knight. What did they say the bilderberg group as you like it? The good Dr.. Drake is out tonight along with Double-a. They’re both attending to other business They shall return next Saturday night as you heard Benjamin knight is in studio with […]

#QANON – 7 facts the MEDIA (MSM) Won’t Admit

Is QAnon a sophisticated plot of President Trump’s team designed to elude the mainstream media’s control? Or is QAnon just a dude in a hoodie behind a computer trolling the internet with conspiracies? Do his posts prove that he’s working on Trump’s team? and if so, why is the media working so hard to discredit him? on this […]

Who Moved $1B in Bitcoin? Stablecoin Frenzy, Quantum Resistant Crypto | Crypto News

Hey everyone! Today, we’ve got stablecoins, we’ve got gold, we’ve got our boy Eric Crown, and somewhere in a quiet corner the NSA is making quantum resistant cryptography. Everything just seems to sound cooler with “quantum” in its name, doesn’t it? This is the Cryptocurrency News with Giovanni. Stablecoins are on the menu for today. Binance has partnered […]

Yahoo! Releases First Transparency Report

(image source: Yahoo!) BY EVAN THOMAS Yahoo! has joined the disclosure movement — Friday the company published a list of government data requests through the first half of 2013. Total requests covered less than .01 percent of global Yahoo! users. It’s worth noting Tumblr is not included — Yahoo! says the blog platform will issue its own report […]

NSA Hacked Google, Yahoo! Data Centers

(Image source: Google / Connie Zhou) BY CHRISTIAN BRYANT Although the NSA has the ability to access online communications through a court-approved process, new revelations from Edward Snowden and other “knowledgeable officials” allege the government agency has been doing some back-door snooping into Google and Yahoo! data centers. The Washington Post broke the story Wednesday, reporting the NSA […]

Google, Yahoo! React to NSA’s MUSCULAR Program

(Image source: NSA) BY EVAN THOMAS It sounds like Google and Yahoo! didn’t realize just how much the NSA was getting out of their computer networks. Part of an NSA presentation leaked to the Washington Post this week, detailing a backdoor the companies hadn’t known about. “Two engineers with close ties to Google exploded in profanity when they […]

Big Brother is WWWatching You – feat. George Orwell [RAP NEWS 15]

Welcome back, netizens, to this newest edition in Juice media’s series of Rap News journalism with me, Robert Foster: this evening we’re actively delving in depth to facts which affect all of us who dwell on this internet and we’ve got to give a special welcome to all the ladies and a-gents, from the NSA, ASIO, MI5: glad […]