Meet Lucia Lucas, First-Ever Trans Singer to Headline a U.S. Opera | SEEN | NowThis

– I sing baritone. I play a lot of bad guys. These characters are really dramatic, usually more aggressive. I thought that I might not be able to handle the emotional weight of singing baritone while being out. Once I decided, like, no I can play these masculine characters, The week after I came out, I had four […]

Who is Jerry Falwell Jr? Narrated by Louis Virtel (Crooked Media’s ‘Keep It’ Podcast) | NowThis

– If more good people had concealed carry permits, then we could end those Muslims before they go out killing. (applauding) – [Narrator] That’s Jerry Falwell Jr., what a person who swallowed a broken drill would sound like. He’s the president of an evangelical college, a pivotal part of helping Trump secure the evangelical vote, and a Christian […]

Who is Sean Hannity? Fox News Anchor & Conservative Radio Show Host | NowThis

In light of Clarence Thomas, in light of Duke lacrosse,>You cannot rush to judgement >In light of Ferguson, Trayvon, all these people are wrong so often. That’s Sean Hannity. Host of a nationally syndicated radio show, Fox News anchor, likely the president’s main source of news, and vape God. Sean Patrick Hannity was born in 1961 in the […]

The Rise of the Philippines’ Rodrigo Duterte | NowThis World

Populist. Protector. Punisher. And Problematic. Those are are just a few words that been used to describe Rodrigo Duterte, the 16th president of the Philippines. His straight-talking, no-nonsense style of leadership has made him a hero to many in the Philippines. [Duterte] If i think you should die. You will die. [Duterte] I’d be happy to slaughter them. […]

Congress Was Confused by the Internet During Hearing With Google CEO | NowThis

if I move from here and go over there and sit with my Democrat friends which will make them real nervous does Google track my movement does Google through this phone know that I have moved here and moved over to the left not by default there may be a Google service which you've opted in to use […]