The Schitt’s Creek Cast on Slow-Burn Success, Red Carpet Stanning and Moira’s Wigs

-Can you feel the heat, the heat in this room? The love? The heat? Come on! That’s what I’m talking about. Oh, my God! Look at that! That’s it. Are you feeling this? -I always wanted to say this legitimately, “Please, be seated.” -Wow! -I could actually say it this time. Yeah, thank you, guys for coming back […]

Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman, and Margot Robbie Play ‘Who Would Charlize Rather?’

The other day, you recently said you were shockingly single. So shocking single means you– you don’t want to– I’m shocked myself. I’m sure you’re shocked. We’re all shocked that you’re single. So, shockingly single is appropriate for you to say. So, Nicole, and Margot, and I, we’re going to– we’re going to help you. We’re going to […]

His Dark Materials: Season 1 | Official Trailer | HBO

♪ (TENSE MUSIC PLAYS) ♪ LORD ASRIEL:I set out for the north some twelve month ago,and this is the first of the discoveries I made.A myriad of worlds,of which the Magisterium controls only one.For centuries,they have been trying to keep us where they want us,on our knees.You promised the Magisterium, you’d control Asriel. Then we’ll need to take […]

‘Aquaman’ Cast on Keeping Secrets, Aquababies & ‘The Snyder Cut’ | MTV News

– It’s truly a gift to bring it to the world and all the kids that are gonna be able to experience what we went through. – He’ll be their first Aquaman, you know, – Yeah. – like Christopher Reeve was – Yeah. – for us for Superman, that’s exciting. – I’m someone’s Michael Keaton. – You are, […]

Aquaman – SDCC Full Panel – Majestic Entertainment News Coverage

(Logo muzikë) Guys. Vetë Aquaman. Jason Momoa. Unë me të vërtetë vetëm vendosa ta bëj këtë panel në mënyrë që ta përqafoj Aquaman në fund të saj. Kjo është shumë e shumë. Djema. Unë jam cool. Unë jam cool. Pra, ju jeni duke e marrë këtë gjë Aquaman shumë seriozisht. Ju po e vrisni atë nga rruga. Eshte […]