Andrew Neil accuses Nicola Sturgeon of ‘breaking the law’ after failed lawful promise – News 247

 In a BBC interview with party leaders ahead of next month’s election, SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon was grilled by Andrew Neil on Scotland’s NHS promises The first minister previously said all “patients should receive treatements within 12 weeks” The guarantee for 100 percent of patients to receive that was written into law but Ms Sturgeon admitted: “We aren’t […]

Boris Johnson says the Irish backstop is ‘no good, it’s dead’

Michael Gove says the government’s working assumption has to be that there will be no deal with the EU. Is that your assumption? – No, absolutely not. My assumption is that we can get a new deal, we’re aiming for a new deal, but of course my colleague is absolutely right that it’s responsible for any government to […]

Unelected Tory Peer & Biased Remainstream Media Host Emily Maitlis Caught Lying Again By Brexiteer

well scan on guys welcome to the video so the Tory Pierre Baroness Altman and labour donor John Mills appeared on last night's news night program with host Emily Maitlis they was discussing Boris Johnson and the threat of a No Deal brexit which I'm sure will surprise no one but some may be surprised by the stance […]