GTA Online May 1st Newswire! New Race Mode, Special Vehicle Sales & More! – GTA News & Updates

all right hello everybody welcome back I'm the missing socket welcome back to for more grand theft auto online news this guy's ex-con in a sex I hope they do give us some mansions one of these days places nice it's got a full drive-in nice light up plays friend he's got a two-car garage maybe three of […]

GTA Online Jan 16th Newswire! The Grotti GT500 Released & More! – News & Updates

all right nice Los Santos Knights Wow very nice okay all right happy belated New Year everybody boo welcome back I'm the mesons luck welcome back from our Grand Theft Auto online news let me get out my my fireworks launcher oh that's where you guys up in here so we have a great new year for everybody […]


[Applause] Oh wonder what happened my tank belly still up there maybe got knocked off yeah alright hello everybody I'm miss and Zack welcome back from our Grand Theft Auto online news so yeah today we are in a bunker because there is the finally the first gun-running bunker discounts so the first sale is available all right […]

GTA Online Aug 14th Newswire 'After Hours' DLC Wk#4! The Black Madonna & More! – GTA News & Updates

yeah all right back at the club I think maybe I'll put this one in here for a little while yes that's a good thing about having to weasel news vans oh that's right well why not all right hello everybody welcome back for more grand theft auto online news I'm in the business awk and here we […]

Our GTA Online Diamond Casino Open Newswire & Detailed 1.47 Update Patch Notes Read Through!

all right announcing the grand opening of the diamond casino and resort play around escape the ordinary an exclusive luxury adult playground with limitless indulgences binge and give into temptation in our VIP casino play table games slot machines bet on horses spin the lucky wheel to win prizes or a new luxury car depraved Night Lights will […]

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