President Moon Jae-in reassures Korea’s top business leaders that his government is doing its best to resolve Japan’s tech sanctions against Korea. He also calls on Tokyo to end what he calls its “politically motivated” export curbs. It’s day two of the National Assembly’s interpellation session, with Japan’s trade restrictions high on the agenda. Lawmakers grill economy-related ministers […]


The U.S. agrees that Japan’s trade curbs against South Korea set a dangerous precedent and that American firms are bearing the brunt of them. This, according to Seoul’s trade minister, Yoo Myung-hee, following her trip to Washington. South Korean political parties agree to set up a consultative body later this week to address Japan’s export curbs. A group […]


President Moon Jae-in voices concerns over North Korea’s latest missile launches while also calling for efforts to keep the denuclearization dialogue alive with the North. A busy week of diplomacy lies ahead for South Korea, with defense cost-sharing talks with the U.S.,… to Washington’s top nuclear envoy visiting Seoul. The top diplomats of South Korea and Japan will […]


The Blue House says its decision to end its military intel-sharing pact with Japan, called GSOMIA, won’t hurt the South Korea-U.S. alliance, but rather strengthen it. It also points the finger at Japan for driving South Korea to end the pact by flatly ignoring Korea’s continued calls for talks. Washington expresses disappointment over Seoul’s decision to terminate GSOMIA, […]


A showdown in Switzerland over Japan’s trade restrictions against South Korea. Seoul and Tokyo will lay out their cases to global delegates at the World Trade Organization in Geneva. Chinese and Russian warplanes enter South Korea’s air defense identification zone, prompting an angry response from Seoul. South Korea summons officials from both nations to lodge formal complaints. U.S. […]


Amid stalled nuclear talks with the U.S., North Korea again launches short-range missiles from its east coast. It’s the regime’s second missile firing in less than a week. South Korea expresses “deep” concern over the firing, saying the North is threatening the peace drive on the peninsula. Seoul’s National Security Council vows to ramp up its military readiness, […]