MEDIA BROADCAST Network Services

Network infrastructure & monitoring The infrastructure of the MEDIA BROADCAST network is based on our backbone-network. It is a nationwide, fibre-optic network that was developed an built up by MEDIA BROADCAST. Connected to this backbone we have several distribution networks that allow us to broadcast content from the studio to the antenna. Furthermore we are able to install […]


Fun fact, Tv was first displayed in 1927. That’s like what? Almost 90 years? So TV has been around for a pretty freaking long time dude. Back then everyone was like, omg the technology is on cloud 9 this is the best thing ever I’ve never seen anything like this oh my gaaaaud. Jump ahead about 90 years […]

Distributed social media – Mastodon & Fediverse Explained

In recent years, social media networks have grown exponentially, with Facebook having a massive 2.3 billion active monthly users. However platforms like Twitter and Facebook have also faced a lot of controversy and without going to much into details I want to highlight just one in this video: centralisation. When we’re using Facebook or Twitter, we are effectively […]

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