ESPN Fires for “Chink in the Armor” Racist Jeremy Lin Headline

david beckham and she asked and david packard dot com get the commercial free podcast audio and video of the bonus you know as well as an archive of our shows that gets all the way back to other thousand five by the coming into the package remember could be the packing dot com slash membership that is […]

Chasing the Stanley Cup or breaking the bank? | NHL Free Agency 2019

oh nice My check just hit. Another jersey? I could use another jersey. Two hundred? What’s two hundred? is entirely too hot to be dancing outside in Texas in a hockey jersey it was 102 degrees when we were doing that and I can’t even watch a Jersey in the winter because we’re still in the 80’s and […]

Kobe Bryant And Kelly Cannot Handle Martha Stewart Saying ‘Spatchcock’

– [Kelly] How do you celebrate Thanksgiving? – We usually have a big Thanksgiving, maybe for 40 people or so. Everybody wants to come to my house ’cause I raise my own turkeys. – Sure. – We have heritage breeds. Do you know what heritage breed turkeys are? – No, but I’m sure they taste great. – They […]

Behind the Headlines – September 13, 2019

– (female announcer) Production funding for Behind the Headlines is made possible in part by: The WKNO Production Fund, The WKNO Endowment Fund, And by viewers like you. Thank you. – The Grizzlies and their impact on Memphis, tonight, on Behind the Headlines. [dramatic orchestral music] I’m Eric Barnes with The Daily Memphian, thanks for joining us. I […]

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